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Reading Group


Continuing at 6pm on Friday 16 February in the Management School, there will be a Reading Group exploring a range of issues from the social teaching of the Church: the Common Good, Business & Society, the Family, the relationship between sin and mercy, and the Theology of the Body. 

This week, On Friday 23 February at 6pm, the Reading Group will meet in the Management School, Meeting Room 1, for an hour. This week, we will be exploring the Family. There is a crisis in the understanding of marriage and the Christian family. Marriage appears to many as formulaic, or it is adopted only as an expression of commitment after a long time of living together. This raises questions as to the meaningfulness of sacramental symbols in a desacralized society characterised by the power of technology and the transactional nature of human realtions. Reading for this week: Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est, Part I (The Unity of Love in Creation) and John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, Parts 1-3 (The Plan of God for marriage and the family, and the role of the Christian family). All welcome, please email Felix for details: will be exploring the notion of the Common Good in Catholic Social Teaching, particularly in relation to Business and Society. The he reading is Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, Ch. 3 III (the crisis and effects of modern anthropocentrism) and Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate, ch. 3 (Fraternity, Economic Development and Civil Society. All welcome, please email Felix for details:

The social teaching of the Church has come together in a body of works beginning with Pope Leo XIII’s landmark encyclical, Rerum Novarum, in 1891, which dealt with just wages, private property, labour associations, etc. It now incorporates notions of integral human development and care for the environment. 

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